We lost Momma (Gracie)

Momma has gone. 😢💔 We are heartbroken for her. We’re also devastated for Jenny & Mr Ko who have been with her 24/7. She was only a Baby herself, no older than 2 years old. 💔💔💔

Momma made sure all her babies were okay but she was just too weak to fight anymore. Love you Momma, rest easy, Your pups will be cared for.

2 responses to “We lost Momma (Gracie)

  1. I’m so sorry that Momma was too weak to fight this deadly virus! Run healthy, happy, and free at the Rainbow BrIdge, sweet baby girl! Your babies will be fine now, thanks to you and the wonderful people that rescued you! You’re in our hearts, precious! :'( <3

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