Some of our Dogs in Boarding Kennels

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  1. Hi,
    My friend Jessie Ayuso sent me per MP a picture of a white female borzoi being weighed at a Peking meat market. Dreadful !!
    Unfortunately; I cannot forward this horrible picture to people i hope (!) migt be convinced to try and help.
    Of couse, I cannot promise anything , but can try.
    I personnally am 81 ; live on a small pension and have adopted 3 spanish galgos and a baby cat that was meant to be offered as food to the owner of a python. Can therefore absolutely NOT donate, coz I must firstly take care of my babies. Awfully sorry.
    If you want to chack me, I’m under Marietartine on facebook
    My personal mail address is [email protected]
    Ans my real name; Martina COLLOREDO-MANNSFELD
    745 Route de BORDEAUX
    64450 LALONQUETTE ( Southwest France)
    PS And by the way: I ws born and brought up in Vietnam.
    Have lived from 2002 to 2009 to THAILAND and then MALAYSIA;
    Know therefore only too well what the dog meat trade is . Have seen horrors in sorth Vietnam.
    Looking forward to news from you. Bless your heart for what you do in order to help those marvelous and innocent creatures. Kind regards . Martina

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