Changchun Meat Market

From Kerry “I can hand on heart say I have possibly had the worse day of my life within rescue today. We have been to a meat market and the noise and smell will stay with me for the rest of my life. 💔💔💔 There were kittens, puppies, adult dogs, rabbits, birds and fish. Pigs

Meat Market Motorbike Greyhounds

Kerry went to a meat market in China with Plush and saw two greyhounds tied to a motorbike who were made to run alongside it. The owner allowed them to buy the fawn girl but wanted too much money for the black one. After much haggling Kerry had totally given up hope and was totally

Slaughterhouse Rescue

Kerry has just been to a slaughter house 💔💔💔💔 She has taken the three greyhounds out now and is on route to the vets as two of them are really poorly. She also convinced the slaughterhouse workers to sell us a whippet along with all of the 29 other breeds who will be rescued tomorrow.