Cinderella, Blossom & Daisy

A message from Paul Michaud “So happy to complete this journey with my three wonderful travel companions- Cinderella (with me), Daisy (with Steve) and Blossom (with Amy) 💛🙏🙂 The dogs are now safely arrived in Michigan thanks to Candy Cane Rescue and MotorCity Greyhound Rescue 👏👏👏 Thanks Amy, Jennifer, Heather and Steve for meeting us

Yulin Dogs Moved from Shelter

Candy cane rescue have been working with a man who has a shelter in China and a breeding kennel. He can no longer keep the dogs due to ill health. The guy has contacted DoeDoe and a local monk to take the dogs. He has many Breeds which the rescuers are trying to help. The

Heating Installed for our Dogs at Plush Bear

Plush Bear Shelter is based in Baicheng in China and temperatures at this time of year can plummet to below -23 degrees, and can feel much colder. We work closely with Plush Bear and we take any hounds which they rescue but we can’t always move them immediately so they stay at Plush until we