Three of the Korean pups not doing well..

3 of the 8 puppies we have rescued in Korea are really not great 💔 They have distemper and they are really struggling to breath now. So, I’m just waiting for the message that we have lost them. All the other 5 are doing great, everything that can be done for them is being done


Timmy 💙💙💙 This poor boy was rescued from the meat truck with horrific neck injuries. He’s at the vets and is doing great and the wounds are healing well. He does have a skin condition which he is being treated. He has a long way to go but we are hopeful he will be okay.

More Puppies come under our care

We have more puppies 😬😂.These little babies are 8 days old. They are from a breeder who still has mom and dad 😢.Mom had a litter of 13 .The Breeder left four to die to give chance to the other 9 to live .He gave 4 to another breeder who we have Rosie and Jim