10 lucky hounds will be heading to Canada soon!

From our partners! Candy Cane Rescue dogs we’ve been expecting: These 10 are arriving March 25th! There was a change of plans, as they were originally going to fly in to Toronto. No flights have been available from China into Toronto, and we don’t know when flights might become available. So – they will be

Good news on flights to the UK!

I’m so excited I feel I might burst Snapper our little Whippet will be leaving China on the 18th to fly to Paris and will then make the journey to the UK. He has a fabulous family that have waited patiently for him for a very long time. We then have Sammy and Lucas booked

Great news!

Look who have just got their ticket to freedom. This is what it is all about and why your donations are so so important.These 20 greyhounds and whippets rescued from the meat trade will now be leaving China to start new lives in America with Fast Friends and Greyhound Friends NJ. This has been a