Please meet Maura the whippet!

Female whippet Maura was found on the streets in Northern China a few weeks ago. The rescuer paid for all Maura’s vet care but asked us to take her as she knew we are a greyhound rescue, but also take other sighthounds . There are some amazing rescues in China and rescues from overseas that

Please meet Rolex!

Rolex, one of the dogs we saved last week, is settling in at the vets. He is one of the smallest dogs ever, yet he thinks he is massive I think He has no issues in telling other dogs what he thinks. This is what would have kept him alive in the horrific shelter we

Update on dogs saved last week!

The dogs we rescued last week from the shelter in Harbin are settling at the vets. Some have very bad skin condition and a couple have distemper, but so far they all look like they will make a full recovery.