We have lost Bear!

Bear has sadly passed away I’m not going to post the last video I received of him because it’s too upsetting. He tried so hard for a month and at one point looked like he may just get through it . He went down hill very fast and I had already requested he was put

Pre Loved Charity Auction!

Messag from our fundraiser! Please save the date to join me and Kerry Jordan from Fur & Fableson a gin fuelled fun time – our annual auction, this year raising funds for Candy Cane Rescue George & Winnie have had a wardrobe cull for this Thursdays Pre Loved Charity Auction – lots of Smedium and

4 greyhounds saved form a slaughter house!

We were asked to take four greyhounds from a slaughter house a few days ago they are now safe at our boarding having been the vets for bloods and vaccines. I am hoping to have a date soon on when the 30 are flying over but we are confident it’s this month. We changed airlines