Vet visit in Beijing

We have been the vets today to see how the 7 borzois and Teddy are doing. All the Borzois are having bloods tests and having all their organ functions tested as they are so skinny. They are all having a bath and their coats clipped as they are so matted. Little Teddy is doing well,


Please meet teddy 💙Two minutes after leaving the airport in Beijing we found this little guy running down the road. He came straight to me so, in the car he came! ❤️ We took him to the vets as he was limping, has an eye missing, twigs in his fur and he has a child’s

Update on Borzoi rescue

We went to the breeder a few days ago who let us take 7 of his dogs. We took 4 last week and 3 were taken a few days ago. He now has 9 which he will not let go. He’s is refusing to let them go to other breeders as well. I can hand