Major Crisis in Beijing

17/9/21 We have a major crisis in Beijing A shelter with 2000/3000 dogs (we aren’t 100%) are starving to death and killing each other. The rescuer sadly passed away a few weeks of cancer after 20 years of saving these dogs.The owner of the shelter is not in China and to be brutally honest hasn’t any

4 of our Dogs arrived in UK

Yay wonderful news,  four of our dogs are now in U.K. Puddles, Marlo, Mei Mei and Ruby❤️❤️ ❤️❤️Thank you everyone who donated, you guys made this happen.We are so excited they are safe and sound in the UK. We now have 179 dogs in China which is still a lot but last year we had

Dirtbird Mac is joing us from Spain!

Greyhound Protection UK have a very special boy arriving to the UK this weekend. Mac racing name Dirtbird Mac from Spain .Mac is an Irish bred racing Greyhound who is still registered with the Irish Greyhound Board yet in October 2019 he was exported to Spain for breeding and racing. Mac is apparently pretty mentally