Another Boy Safe.

This is male greyhound being weighed for meat in North China. It’s not good to see but he is now safe and under Candy Cane Rescue. We know how upset people get about this situation in China but without the amazing people there helping the dogs none of them would ever make it out. Chinese

Transport needed from Paris to Birmingham!

We are now looking at flights for some of our dogs. We really could do with more people being added to our transport list 🙏 We know it’s a major trip but it’s worth every second .Fuel is paid and Kerry will always be going too. Please get in touch if you have a suitable

Heart Explodes!

Cloud and Charity meet the rapidly growing twins, Nellie and Doodles, at the vets. Little Nellie is now reserved as well as Cloud and Charity. Doodles still needs his forever home.