Honey for the first time has started drinking on her own ❤️ She has been doing remarkable well! We love you Honey. Honey is reserved for Fast friends in USA. She will travel once the restrictions are lifted.

Update on Iris rescued last year!

Iris racing name Tempo Lover. Iris was bred and then raced in Australia before she was sent to China for breeding . She had four different breeders that we know of while she was in China. We rescued her from her last breeder where she lived in a big cage outside on her own. Here

Leon from the meat trade to a happy life!

Message from our fundraising team in USA!! This is Leon––what a lucky boy! Rescued from the China meat trade, he kept his rescuers and caregivers at the Chinese shelter on their toes––that’s him running around on the roof of the shelter. The last three pics are of Leon living it up in the USA. He