New 28 greyhounds are save with us!

The 28 greyhounds are now at the vets under Candy Cane Rescue 😖😬😖😬😖😬🙈🙈🙈.Out of the 28, 14 are young dogs. I  want to runaway😖 Anyway the chain of the events that’s happening,  is outside Beijing whre there is a meat market. There is a middleman that collects dogs to take to the market. We have now taken 118 greyhounds from this man since the Chinese New Year. We need to find out where all the greyhounds are coming from. There must be a race track somewhere in Beijing or just outside where these dogs are coming from that’s the next mission to find it. Its so frustrating not being able to travel to China. All of these dogs are going to cost at least £2000 each with vet care and that’s if they are healthy. They will need paperwork, boarding food etc etc. Its very worrying times because we should not be taking anymore dogs because we can’t move any so our bills are going higher and higher. The other 70 dogs are in a shelter and we unfortunately can’t take them we are a greyhound rescue and take all hounds and other breeds when we can. I wish we could take them all but we can’t🙁❤️


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