Some of our dogs at the vets in Beijing!

Our dogs we rescued from a shelter last year in Chengdu have now arrived at Beijing to one of the vets we use. They were rescued from the meat trade by the people at the shelter but the shelter had to close leaving hundreds of dogs without rescue space. We took the four hounds that

Update on Cooper!

Cooper who we rescued just before the New Year is now doing great at Changchun vets. He was rescued from a meat market then taken to a shelter in Changchun that has thousands of dogs . We shouldn’t be taking anymore dogs as we have so many but when I get sent photos and videos

Some of ours dogs in the kennels!

Our dogs at boarding kennels were given new beds and look what the little buggers have done to them .The little monsters love to chew beds.They have toys but it can be dangerous having so many dogs with toys around.We do have some exciting news very soon which involves a new campaign to get our