New intakes. A Momma and her babies.

We have this Momma and her babies ❤️❤️ The people loading the dogs are the slaughter house workers not the rescue team. Thank you to BoHe. Candy will fund the vet bills while the dogs are with BOHE. Soon as we have room we will bring them to Candy. Look at Momma hound trying to … Continued

Snowy has a new chair!

Snowy has a new chair 💙💙💙 He is still a little unsure about it but he is getting used to it. His wounds have healed so Kerry will be bringing him back with her to the U.K in April ❤️❤️💜💜💙

Dylan, Greyhound Hero!

This is 10 year old Dylan from Kent In the U.K. Dylan has done a Project at school about the export of racing greyhounds and greyhounds ending up in the Meat Trade in China. What a beautiful young man. Let’s hope when he grows up he won’t have to carry of fighting for these dogs … Continued

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