Chinese rescuer

Young Chinese rescuer who first heard about the horrors of the meat trade four years ago. Doe has said since she found out what was happening in her own country she wanted to help the dogs and has now dedicated her life to helping them. Doe is a very valuable member of the team and a dear friend. Doe is what decent kind people in China stand for and we can’t thank her enough.

Kerry Elliman

Founder and the chair of the Candy Cane Rescue

Kerry has been involved with Greyhounds for most of her life. She founded sister rescue Birmingham Greyhound Protection (BGP) in June 2012 when, after a few years of rehoming greyhounds, she could see there was a big gap; a need to help greyhounds that were not lucky enough to be put into the mainstream greyhound rescues.

She founded Candy Cane Rescue on 25th of June 2017.

Kerry has two small children, 3 cats, 5 Greyhounds, 1 meat trade hound, and Romanian lurcher.

The Trustees

Maura Berrini


Maura adopted her first two Irish greyhounds in 2016 and since then she developed an immediate interest in learning more about the racing industry and the rescue from China. She supports Candy Cane Rescue wholeheartedly.

Susan Cotton


Susan adopted her first greyhound in 1996 and has been involved with them ever since. The greyhound in the photo is Prince Seren who was saved in China by Doe Doe and was brought here by Kerry just before Candy Cane was formed. Her other pets are rescued bunny rabbits who also keep her busy.

David Gibson


David rescued his first greyhounds in 2016 and he immediately fell in love with the breed. He has been supportive of CCR from the day it was founded and strongly believes in our cause and mission.

Jenna Harris


Jenna has been involved with BGP since 2013 and adopted her 1st Greyhound in 2014. She has been involved in most areas within the rescue since then and has been behind Candy Cane from the beginning,supporting Kerry and all that the rescue stands for.

Karen Hassan

Trustee and Flight volunteer for the UK

Rescuing Rosie from Birmingham Greyhound rotection changed my life… literally. I live in Hampshire with Rosie greyhound and Hamish border terrorist. Through Rosie I met Kerry and started to follow BGP and Candy Cane. In April 2017 I made my first trip to China with Kerry which was an absolute amazing experience. It was heartbreaking, exhilarating, humbling and knackering but knowing you helped change the lives of so many abused dogs makes it all worthwhile. It never ceases to amaze me how these poor dogs just crave human touch and are so trusting after everything they have been through. Every time I come back from a trip I say never again and then I get the next call from Kerry asking me to go and everything is forgotten.. how can I say no? ❤️

George Keenan


I have been passionate about animal welfare all my life, and adopted many breeds of dogs through my life. In 2013 I learnt about the dog meat trade, I’ve been campaigning against this ever since. In 2018 I came across Candy Cane and never looked back. Fundraising, being a Vietnam flight volunteer and adopting Andy, my first Candy Cane greyhound.

The Team

Steve Hill


I have been a volunteer for Bimringham Greyhound Protection for a number of years and now I am the treasurer for Candy Cane Rescue. I am often a flight volunteer to China. I foster both Candy Cane and Birmingham Greyhound Protection dogs.

Gwenda Watt

Super Fundraiser UK

Gwenda rescued her first greyhound, Banjo, five years ago and fell head over heels in love with him and the breed. She currently live in Stiringshire, Scotland with hubby, two sons, two greyhounds (Snoopy & Charlie), two cats, two rabbits and a chicken!. She runs a cottage industry making cushions and logo embroidery services. She started using her creative skills to fundraise for the Greyhound Awareness League. When she discovered the plight of the China greyhounds she was so upset and desperate to help them but had no idea where to start. When Kerry set up Candy Cane she realised there were many people out there who felt the same as her. Shortly after she set up the “Candy Cane Fundraising Group” and teamed up with Sharon. The group has grown in numbers and is now a hugely motivated, amazing team of people, connected by their love of greyhounds, who raise funds to help support the work of Candy Cane.

Sharon Podmore

Super Fundraiser UK

Sharon has always loved animals and has been around dogs since she was born. She rescued her first Greyhound, Heidi, in 2007 and became totally hooked on their gentle and loving nature. She started volunteering by walking the Greyhounds at her local rescue kennels and then started organising fundraising events. Sharon co-runs “The Candy Cane Rescue Fundraising Group” on Facebook with Gwenda. She is married to Dave and they live in Herefordshire where they are currently owned by two Greyhounds, 11 year old Roo and Elli aged 7.

Jacqueline Howard

Super Fundraiser USA

With her husband, Albert, Jacqueline adopted her first greyhound in 2000. Since then, she has volunteered in greyhound rescue and served on a Board of Trustees for a greyhound rescue group. Jacqueline is also the host and producer of the “About Greyhounds” podcast and has fostered over 100 greyhounds with her family. Jacqueline is a writer and by day works for a Fortune 50 company; her company recognized her as the Volunteer of the Year in 2017 and 2018––this led to an electronic billboard featuring her and her greyhound Baron, being displayed on the Times Square billboard both years. She’s also authored two humorous fiction books, “Son of a Dog” and “Cruise to Nowhere,” both featuring rescued greyhounds. In 2019, Jacqueline and Albert adopted Felix, a Candy Cane Rescue greyhound from China.

Ellen Ganopoulos

Super Fundraiser USA

Ellen has tirelessly worked in greyhound rescue since 1995. That’s when she and her husband, Bill, adopted their first greyhound. Ellen served as a long-time trustee of a greyhound rescue group and fostered countless greyhounds––nursing several to health after they suffered catastrophic racing injuries. Over the last ten years, Ellen has worked as a crisis counselor and has been a greyhound therapy dog handler specializing in NJ state disaster/terrorism mental health response. Since 2012, Ellen also took on rescue efforts of galgos and podencos in Spain and will have made her 26th New York and Madrid round trip to bring dogs to the States for placement in loving homes.

Angela Kilner

Super Fundraiser UK (North)

Angela has been involved with dog rescue for the past 15 years and has covered all aspects of rescue from fostering, homechecking, assessing and transporting. However, her passion is fundraising so she asked Kerry would she mind if she raised some funds for Candy Cane Rescue. Angela heads up a small group of volunteers focusing on events within the greater Manchester, Lancashire & North Cheshire areas and has so far raised around £6700 since September 2018. If you would like to join the Northern fundraising team please contact Angela on 07779913089 or send her a message via Facebook messenger.

Monika Kubal


I am an admin both Candy Cane and Greyhound ProtectionUK internet pages. I have been involved with both for many years. I also own 2 rescue greyhounds.

Nancy Ann Jones

Flight volunteer for American Rescues

Ever since the day she first fell in love with the breed many years ago at a meet-and-greet outside of the Cleveland Zoo, greyhounds have been an increasingly important part of Nancy’s life. From adopting and sharing her home with seven Greys and one Galgo over the past decade to fostering and volunteering with rescues, nothing has brought her more joy.

Shortly after adopting her seventh Greyhound, Sebastian, a survivor of the infamous Canidrome in Macau, Nancy began traveling to China as a flight volunteer bringing back numerous dogs rescued from the meat trade to find their forever homes. She and her husband currently live with two Greys, Sebastian Flynn Jones and Sophia Grace Jones, and their newest family member, Hugo Mateo Jones, a Galgo rescued from Spain by Galgos del Sol.

Jayne Brack

Home Check Coordinator