We work with different rescues and shelters in China. When greyhounds are found in the meat trade or the underground racing tracks in China, we get notified and then Candy Cane steps in and takes care of the dogs. The dogs firstly go to the vets, then once fit and healthy, the dogs are then moved to Beijing to boarding kennels where they are prepared to travel to Rescues in USA, UK or Europe. We try and get lots of our dogs out to America as they can leave China 1 month after a rabies vaccine rather than after 3 months to the UK and Europe.

Firstly, the greyhound is usually injured or ill with distemper or both and has to go immediately to a vet. The vet can be hundreds of miles away from our kennels and the dog may have to stay there for months to recover, and then be neutered, before we can fly them to Beijing. The cost of vet treatment is astronomical and we have to pay this before we’ve even met the dog. Sadly, some dogs are so ill that they never make it to our boarding kennels.

Once they are at the boarding kennels they are on their way to the life they deserve. We rent space at the most amazing kennels, the dogs even have a swimming pool! The kennels also have heating, air con and a private dog walking park. A whole world away from being squashed into a crate with eight or so other dogs. Each Kennel costs £100 per month so the more dogs we save….well, you get the picture! It costs between £1,000 – £3,000 and takes up to 5 months to rescue each dog.

Next we have to get all the paperwork arranged for the dog to travel to a different country and book flights. It takes so long and and requires so much commitment and effort on the part of the Chinese advocates we work with.