Update: Trek has now found his forever home through Elite greyhound Rescue in Florida.

Update: It’s been such a long journey for this old boy. But finally he has arrived at Elite greyhound Rescue in Florida! He can now know a bit of comfort in his twilight years. 💙

Update: Trek ❤️who arrived from Boho shelter a couple of weeks ago was castrated today. The vets found he has some kind of growth on his willy. He is going to Elite greyhound Rescue in Florida this month to have treatment.💙

Update: It’s been nearly 12 months since we agreed to take Trek, much to our frustration, but we finally have him! The video shows Trek along wih four other dogs we are taking from Bohe shelter.

We have been asked to take this older male who we have called Trek. Trek is a greyhound rescued from the meat trade. He is In a shelter ran by a lovely lady called Bohe. We have agreed to take him along with another greyhound she has.

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