Upadte: So sad to report that Tiffany has passed away. Tiffany was rescued by a local rescuer after she was living on a staircase in a cage in a block of flats 24/7. She has been at a heart specialist as she had a heart condition. Her condition was getting worse and her lungs stopped working so she was struggling to breath. She was such a sweet, sweet little gir,l just so sad she never made it to a new home ❤️💖

Update: Tiffany was at the vets all day yesterday. She seems to be improving and the vets think that rather than a heart condition, she has pnuemonia.

Update: Little Tiffany has been rushed to the vets 😞 She was due to travel to the States but it’s been cancelled as the vets have picked up a heart condition, after she had been poorly. She’s going to a specialist today.

Update: Tiffany is reserved to go to Fast Friends Rescue in America 💙💙❤️

Update: Tiffany ❤️she’s the little girl who was living on the stairs in a block of flats in a crate 24/7. She’s doing great and should be discharged from the vets soon.

Tiffany has arrived at the vets ❤️. She’s spent god knows how long living in a crate on a staircase in a block of flats.😡 She will now get her chance of a new life. One of our Friends in China found her. 😉 This was her home, she’s now on the way to the vets as her condition is very poor. Finders keepers.

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