Update: Klaus is reserved and coming to the UK end of May

Update: Klaus ❤️❤️❤️When we rescued this lad from the meat trade he was scared and showed some aggression. He’d been locked in a cage outside 24/7. He was a broken soul. Makes it all worth while to see him playing 💙

Update: Lovely Klaus, bless him. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️He has really settled at the vets and starting to trust People. When he arrived he was scared of everyone and was showing aggression due to fear. He’s realising there’s nothing to be scared of anymore.

Update: Klaus isn’t too keen on venturing out in the cold. Not when he’s just discovered how warm it is inside!

Update: Although still a little scared of men, Klaus has already started to form a bond with DoeDoe. He’s now been given a comfy bed and will soon be having his first bath.

Update: Get the tissues ready 💔💔😢.Please meet our new arrival Klaus. He is the Tibetan Mastiff that was at the shelter of a breeder/stroke rescuer last week. He was rescued from the meat trade but then just locked in a cage outside with no shelter and no exercise. He was in there for at least two months where he had lay in his own mess and couldn’t even fully stand up. As soon as Kerry saw him herself and Doe agreed to get to him. He was a major worry over the last few days as he was showing aggression to the rescuers so Doe has had to get a vet to agree to take him and she’s met the rescuers at the vets. ❤️❤️❤️ Here he is arriving and having his matted fur shaved. Merry Christmas Klaus.

The Tibetan mastiff that was at the breeding kennels after being rescued from the meat trade will be joining Candy Cane soon. This dog has not been let out this cage for at least two months so understandably he is grumpy right now. Once he is out he will go the vets then we will sort a rescue with experience for him. We couldn’t leave him there, as a dog his size does not stand a chance in China.

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