Update: Thomas is now reserved and going to Motorcity Greyhound Rescue in the States ❤️💙❤️


Update: Cute as a button Thomas ❤️❤️❤️ He was rescued from the mountains and now recovering in the vets. He is around 2 years old. He was from the meat trade but rescued by the scammer and left in the mountains 😡 He is that scared when he first meets you he goes to ground and wets himself. Really sweet little man once he gets used to you and loves his food.


Thomas is very poorly and skinny. He was rescued from the mountains along with Tammy who has a snapped front leg.

In China there are some amazing rescuers but there’s also some awful people who use the dogs purely to get money. One woman was telling people she was “saving” dogs but she was then leaving them in the mountains to die. She had a butcher kill and skin a Golden Retriever so she could film it and use that film to fraudulently get money from the public.😡💔😢 True rescuers in China are now aware of her and went to try and save some dogs from the Mountains where she keeps them. They managed to save 3 bull dogs but also spotted Tammy. Her front leg is snapped and it looks like she’s been left that way for a while 😢😢 The rescuers didn’t have space in the car to take her straight away but they went back the day after and thankfully they got her! They also managed to get Thomas. The video is Thomas at the vets, in our care. As he’s very ill we just have to hope he survives.

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