This is Rogan, a whippet who was at Plush Bear. He was rescued from the meat trade and on the waiting list to come into our care. Sadly, he caught pneumonia while at the shelter and has passed away. So, so sad, he was such a sweet lad. Kerry spent some time with him just a few weeks ago. This is the sad reality of China. There’s so many dogs and so many poorly dogs that even the healthier ones are not safe. The vets by Plush Bear Shelter are very basic and tbh 50 years behind U.K. vets. Beds are not even thought about and they think we’re mad to keep asking for them. Kerry did request this lad be put to sleep but her request was refused. The vets don’t believe in pts in China if they feel there’s the tiniest of chance the dog may live. Rogan died in the early hours. So upsetting, he would have been homed so easily 😞 We can’t afford more dogs yet and there’s no spaces at the vets. Gutted for this young beautiful boy. Also, the coke bottle is cold and was to help to bring his temperature down.

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