Pippa Poodle

Update: Pippa. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pippa is the little poodle who was climbing up the cage at Plush Bear Shelter desperate to get out. She also had bites all over her body when she arrived at the vets. She’s now in boarding and reserved, coming to the uk soon. ❤️

When Kerry went to Plush Bear shelter in October there was a little poodle desperate for attention. Kerry couldn’t leave her behind. Today along with another poodle (who has rescue) it was her lucky day. Plush and her team took her to the vets in Changchun where she will stay until she is fit enough to come to Beijing vets. She is around ten years old, she has bites on her that are infected, rotten teeth and issues with her kidneys. 💔 She’s having all the vet care she needs. 💖 Candy Cane will cover all her care while in China. She’s called Pippa.❤️

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