Thelma & Louise (South Korea)

Update: Thelma & Louise have landed safely in the Staes. They are now with Motorcity Greyhound Rescue.❤️

Update: A few months back we were asked to help a mother greyhound and her 3 babies in a meat farm in South Korea. Sadly two babies died. 💔 Thelma & Louise have their flights booked for next weekend and will be going to Motorcity Greyhound Rescue in the States ❤️ The foster in Korea believes momma was a pet. 💔She was bred over and over and her babies killed for their meat. She so deserves this chance we can’t wait for the updates. We have funded the vets and flights.

Update: Momma and pup in South Korea who were rescued from a breeding farm are now out the vets and in foster ❤️❤️💙💙.They are both doing really well and soon will be going to rescue. As you can see from the photos, pup is now quite a chunk!

Update: Momma from South Korea who was rescued from the meat farm is doing okay but has heart worm. The vets have said she has Been beaten over her lifetime as she has many injuries. She has spent her whole life in a rusty kennel on a meat farm. 💔💔💔 Her soul seems broken but she still trusts and is loving to humans. She has been bred and bred from to provide puppies for the meat Industry. Her last surviving puppy is doing okay. She’s not out the woods yet but she’s a little fighter ❤️💙

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