Kara update: She’s arrived in the US and will be rehomed by our rescue partners Fast Friends Rescue

Kara update: Beautiful blue Kara is fully recovered and doing Brilliantly!

Kara update: Kara had a broken leg when she was rescued. We had to get a plate flown in from the UK for her leg. She’s now recovering really well but still at the vets. She’s been at the vets for 3 months now, bless her. She will be coming to the UK in the new year. Thank you everyone who donated towards her op

Kara update: We had to send a specially made plate from the UK to China to be used to fix Kara’s leg. The operation went brilliantly and she is recovering beautifully.

Kara update: Kara is recovering really well from her spay. She still needs surgery on her back leg but we are waiting on the orthopaedic vet so that will be next. She was spayed first as she will be kennelled with a boy it was felt it was a priority.

Poor poppet Kara was rescued from a meat truck. She was thrown into the crate in such a rough way that her leg snapped. She has been at the vets for the last 5 weeks as she’s been so weak and poorly. She’s doing so much better that she will soon be able to have surgery on her leg and her new life can then begin. Come back for updates on this girl.


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