Eva (now Lola)

Update: Lola is now in her forever home in the States and is becoming a wonderful pet!

Update: Eva is at Changchun vets. ❤️❤️ Eva was the little girl who was rescued from the slaughter house a few months ago and then went to Plush Bear. While she was at Plush she had a litter of puppies and two babies were killed by another dog when she was giving birth. 😢 All her remaining babies died at the shelter. Kerry has met her, she’s a very shy, nervous little girl right now but we’re sure when she’s in a home she will be fine. She will go to Beijing soon 💖

Eva the momma rescued from the slaughter house who gave birth is doing great. She gave us a huge shock when she gave birth to 6 pups! Unfortunately 3 pups passed away but the other three are doing well so fingers crossed they make it ❤️

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