Dodo update: DuoDuo has just landed at JFK and is going to be rehomed by out partners Fast Friends Rescue

Dodo update: DuoDuo the “greyhound” has been signed off from the vets ❤️ We believe dodo was someone’s pet She had a collar on and adores people

Dodo update: Look at DuoDuo now! We were told she was a greyhound…hmmmm Well, she has long legs and she’s ours now. We’re just so glad she’s doing well. The white dog is new girl Pheobe.

Dodo update: Little DuoDuo who was really poorly a few weeks ago is doing great

Poor new girly DuoDuo. She’s just been rescued from the meat trade   She’s very poorly and coughing a lot at the moment. She is at the vets so we have everything crossed that she pulls through. Healing thought for DuoDuo, we will update on her condition soon.


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