UPDATE: Woke up to the heartbreaking news that Daisy is struggling to breath 💔 Her lungs are now infected from the distemper. Myself and Doe have requested she is put to sleep rather than left to suffer. Once the dogs get to this stage of distemper there’s really no coming back for them. Daisy had a wonderful home offer in the UK 💔Rest easy little poppet 

UPDATE: Daisy is doing so much better than she was last week. See the third video. She’s not out of the woods yet but things are definitely looking up!

Poor Daisy. Daisy was rescued from a slaughter house. She’s an ex racer. She’s got distemper and a very badly infected foot. Due to her trying to keep it clean she also now has an infected mouth. She’s at the vets and everything is being done to help her recover. She seems to have picked up a little. She’s eating and drinking vitamin water.

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