Update: Blake, who was rescued after he was beaten to the point his leg was broken, is now in America healing well with the amazing Fast Friends. The support the rescues in America give us is amazing we wouldn’t be able to save even half the dogs with out their help.

Update: Blake, the dog that was used by the police to catch smaller dogs and then himself beaten to the point his leg was badly broken, is recovering really well.❤️ His new X-rays show how well his leg has healed.💙💙


Update: (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES OF SURGERY) Blake ❤️❤️ is recovering well after his op. He can now walk and stand on his own. 💙💙💙 He has lost a lot of weight after his op so extra food like chicken and sausage have been sent to the vets.

Update: (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES OF SURGERY) Blake had been in surgery for four hours This afternoon .The surgery was a success he has 3 plates in his leg as a pin. The vet has confirmed that Blake was beaten. 😢😢😢 He is covered in scars.💔 He is recovering well after his op but still has a long way to go. He’s already been trying to walk.

We have had a new boy arrive in Beijing. 💔 Please meet Blake. Blake was found by the police but there’s talk that the police used him to catch stray dogs. He is a really poorly boy, he has internal bleeding, a broken leg and a diaphragmatic hernia 😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔 He looks such a sad soul. The vets initially thought that he had been hit by a car or dropped from a great height; however, they have now confirmed that his injuries are from being beaten.

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