Beautiful Barton is looking for his forever home in the U.K. He is a meat trade lad that was from the slaughter house where the dogs were put into sacks. He is a happy big friendly boy. He does get over excited at times with other dogs but wants to play.While out walking it’s taken him a while to adjust to being on the lead as he would have never really been walked on a lead. When the dogs rescued from the meat trade go to shelters they are with thousands of dogs so they don’t get walked at all. When Kerry saw him in China he was in a very small shelter with around 400 dogs. He has never shown any aggression to any of the dogs just excited to play. He does get excited when he sees dogs now on his walks so needs time to adjust and learn how to become a pet. He adores people and tries to be a lap dog. He is a wonderful happy boy and with time he is going to make a cracking pet ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Barton is around 3 years old

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