Baby Cane

Update: Baby Cane has gone to his forever home today.

Update: Baby Cane is thriving in his foster home, he’s huge! The top video is Cane playing with his foster sister Little Miss Doe.

Baby Cane survives his sister, Candy. Cane is now in foster in Beijing and is in good health so we’re adding him to our adoption page.

He’s had a tough start in life for such a tiny boy but things are starting to look up for him now. He was one of 11 pups, unfortunately we were only able to get 2. The owner refused to let us take the rest and their mom.

I’ve added some lovely photos of baby Cane with one of our older puppies Nellie, who is in the same foster home, and some with his other foster dogs. It will be a little while until Cane can travel to the UK but if you’d like to give this little guy a home, get in touch.

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