Angel and Pups

Update: Angel the little black female mixed breed who was rescued at Christmas from the breeders kennels will be leaving China soon along with her 3 babies to join Elite Greyhound Rescue in Florida ❤️

Update: Our ‘Greyhound’ Momma, Angel. 💖🤔 We say Greyhound as that’s what Doe said she was… She and her babies are doing great. They were rescued a few weeks ago from the breeder. All puppies and Momma are going to Elite Greyhound Rescue in Florida as they seem not to know what a greyhound is either! 🙈😂😂 Angel was the girl that couldn’t even lift her head as she was so scared.

Update: Momma Angel the mixed breed girly that was rescued the other day is doing well at the vets. One of her little girls has passed away so she now has two boys and one girl left. ❤️💙💖

Momma Angel and her four babies. These are Doe Does special greyhounds 🤔. All reserved to go to Elite Greyhound Rescue ❤️💖💖

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