Update: Yay, finally Andy is coming home. Andy is the boy that was on the back of the motorbike being sold for meat in Vietnam. He went to the slaughter but with the help of a local rescuer we got him. He has been at the vets since August and the communication has been so poor, I wanted to scream at times. The two little dogs are the ones that were in the sacks we were too late to help the ones on the motorbike 😞 They are coming to the UK aswell and going to Ravens rescue. Massive thank you to Georgie and her husband for being so pro active in helping bring them home and flying to Vietnam it collect the dogs. Shes fostering Andy with a view to adopt. He will get everything he needs, he is so thin bless him.

Update: Andy is now fully fit and he is reserved by an experienced greyhound owner in the UK. He will go into foster with a view to adopt. He’s flying to the UK in January.

Andy came to us because he was spotted on the back of a motorbike in Vietnam by Fight Dog Meat. He is an exported, tattooed, Australian greyhound. We are hoping we can trace his ear tattoos.

He has a lot of cuts and bruises and is really skinny but he is now safe in our care at a vets in Vietnam.

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