Huge Thanks to the CCR Fundraising Team!

A message from Sharon. “Gwenda and I would like to say a huge HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone in this group. I have just totted up the total raised for 2018…drum roll please… £26,584.90 I won’t be on here again until after Christmas now, but we’ll kick off 2019 fundraising with The Jam Jar Army New

£5 for Christmas Hounds

We posted an appeal on Facebook asking that people donate £5 so that we could buy each of our dogs in China a toy, a treat and a name tag. Thank you so much to everyone who donated! The tags, toys and treats have now arrived and they are being wrapped for Christmas Day 💖💖

Thank you!

Whippet Up did a fundraiser for us. One of their supporters also sent us a cheque which makes the total amount raised £2859.91😱😱😱😱 Amazing!