Ballymac James found in Spain!

Message from Kerry! I’m sure most greyhound people would have seen the post by Tina Wales Solera at Galgo Del Sol about Ballymac James who was found on the streets of Spain in horrific condition. As soon as Tina Spoke to me we found out who this lad was and who his trainer /breeder was.

Update from Kerry on export!

Message from Kerry! Greyhounds from Australia, Ireland, UK and America have been exported to China for breeding for years. Exported dogs are NOT sold for meat they are used for breeding.The dogs are passed around on loan to different owners in China. Apart from the fact these zero animal welfare laws in China the meat

Export of racing greyhounds continues!!

Irish greyhounds that have raced in the UK and Ireland get exported to China for breeding .Again the exported dogs DON’T get sold for meat as far as I’m aware because that would make no sense to send dogs half way around the world to be eaten. I have made this clear over and over