We have saved Fagans Amigo Irish greyhound in Spain!

Please meet Amber racing name Fagans Amigo.Amber was bred in Ireland then sold for breeding to a breeder in Spain. She was never meant to have been found or rescued but was simply sold to be used as a machine for breeding. Thankfully Greyhound Protection UK did find her and with the help of some

We have saved Neamstown Badger in Spain!

Neamstown Badger.This beautiful Irish greyhound has spent four long shitty years In Spain thanks to his greedy owners in Ireland who sold him to be used as a stud dog in Spain .We have been following him in Spain as he kept appearing on sites being offered as a stud but he was never for

Our Trixie’s Eske was saved in Spain!

Beautiful Trixie is loking for a home. Trixie is an Irish bred greyhound who was exported to Spain four years ago when she stopped racing. She was bred and bred from and from what we can tell has had at least six owners in Spain. She is loving now life in the UK. She has