Yulin in China has started!

The dog meat festival Yulin has started today.For anyone who works in rescue in China and for people that support rescues in China this is a festival that makes everyone’s heart break over and over.For people that don’t know Yulin is hell on earth as it’s the biggest dog meat festival in China.The dogs are

Devastating news from USA!

Message from Kerry! CDS suspends import of dogs from countries with high rabis risk!! This is absolutely devastating for our dogs. The last year and half we have tried so hard to keep positive but things keep coming against us. We relay heavily on our American partners to take our dogs. This is such a

Hope is still waiting for her turn to fly!

Message from Kerry! Beautiful little Hope is still waiting patiently for her chance to get out of China. Because we can’t fly to China to get our dogs we are having to book cargo flights which is so expensive it’s crippling us financially. We are constantly chasing our tail to pay all our bills aswell