4 of our Dogs arrived in UK

Yay wonderful news,  four of our dogs are now in U.K. Puddles, Marlo, Mei Mei and Ruby❤️❤️ ❤️❤️Thank you everyone who donated, you guys made this happen.We are so excited they are safe and sound in the UK. We now have 179 dogs in China which is still a lot but last year we had

6 lucky dogs arrived in the UK

Massive thank you to all of our supporters and their donations as we have been able to bring 6 dogs to the UK- Bertie, Ice, Smudge and Bomber are under CC. Pompon and Jason have gone to West Midlands Dog Rescue.            

Happy 4th Birthday to us!

Today is Candy Cane’s 4th BirthdayI will be honest it’s pretty hard to write a positive post when things are just so difficult right now. Here is some history on CCR & why I set the rescue up. For the last 15 years I have working in rehoming ex racing greyhounds in the UK. 9