Holly the Tibetan Mastiff

Holly is a tibetan mastiff. She was rescued from the slaughter house. First video containes grapfic images and you might find it upsetting. Second video is Holly in her forever home in the UK.

From our fundraising team in the UK

Message from our fundraisning team in the UK We have totted up how much we have sent to CCR from the fundraising PayPal account…£21,542.26… That’s just this year:) This is an amazing amount, without our fundraisning teams in the UK and USA we would not be able to help so many dogs. If you would

8 beautiful dogs arrived in the UK

Message from our amazing flight buddy Karen So every time I go to Beijing with Candy Cane I say it was an epic trip… but this one was an EPIC TRIP!!!!! Coral and I arrived home this morning at 4.30am but to know that 8 beautiful souls have woken up in comfy beds, with a