We only re-home to private homes in the UK. This is because we can then provide rescue back up for life for the dog and support owners.

The first stage would be for you to email us with a contact number so that Kerry can give you a call and talk about which dog might suit your family or talk about a dog you are interested in.

Once you’ve chosen a dog we can reserve it for you and then we’d do a home check. Providing you pass your home check we’ll go ahead and begin the process of bringing your dog to the UK.

The next stage really depends on how long the dog has been in our kennels in Beijing as there is a quarantine period of three months before a dog can travel after its rabies vaccination.

Next we have to raise the money to pay for flights and arrange all the travel plans. It can be quite a long process but you would get updates and photos of your dog while you are waiting for it to arrive.

For dogs from China we charge an adoption fee of £450 and that includes their collar, tag, lead etc plus 4 weeks insurance.

For dogs from Europe we charge an adoption fee of £200 and all above.



If you are an overseas rescue that would like to work with us please drop us an email with the rescue’s name and policies on re-homing e.g. home checks & follow up checks. Also, we need to know your policy if a dog is returned, along with your policy regarding behavioural issues. As a rescue, we have a strict policy against dogs being PTS for behavioural issues and would not work with any rescues where this practice is carried out. One of our policies is that no Candy Cane dogs are to enter the prison programme that is quite popular in America. We have to ensure that our dogs go to the very best places available.

We are very keen to work with rescues in the USA. So far the American rescues we work with have been absolutely fabulous and we know the Americans love their sight hounds. Dogs can travel earlier to the USA, than to any other country after they have had rabies jabs, as the quarantine period for the USA is shorter. The faster dogs can be adopted, the more dogs that are in terrible situations we can save. Candy Cane Rescue pays all vet and boarding fees but you as a rescue would pay for flights, paperwork and crates, and you would also send and pay for a flight volunteer to collect the dogs.