Jacob was one of the 3 Australian greyhounds saved at the end of May. He was the shaved boy. Jacob is living happily in the UK now. He lives with 5 other greyhounds. On arrival in the UK, Jacob needed a lot of medical attention, he was lame on one of the front legs and

We need your help!!!

The only way we can keep going and saving as many dogs as we do is to have a regular income. If everyone would set up a standing order in this group for just £1 that is nearly twenty thousand pound a month which is a massive amount. A pound for a hound is a

News from Ban Bloodsports

The response of the Irish Greyhound Board to the shameful export of an Irish greyhound to China – a country with no animal welfare laws – has been to “emphasise to the individual in question their responsibilities in exporting to destinations that do not provide the expected levels of greyhound welfare set out in its