DoeDoe and Miss Doe

Doe and her daughter little Missy with doodles. Amazing beautiful people. Doe is the fabulous lady who runs everything Candy Cane does in China. She makes rescues, takes the dogs to the vets, makes sure all our dogs in Beijing are cared for and also makes sure that all your donations are paid to vets,

Vet visit in Beijing

We have been the vets today to see how the 7 borzois and Teddy are doing. All the Borzois are having bloods tests and having all their organ functions tested as they are so skinny. They are all having a bath and their coats clipped as they are so matted. Little Teddy is doing well,


Please meet teddy 💙Two minutes after leaving the airport in Beijing we found this little guy running down the road. He came straight to me so, in the car he came! ❤️ We took him to the vets as he was limping, has an eye missing, twigs in his fur and he has a child’s