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Candy Cane Rescue was set up by Kerry Elliman, founder of Birmingham Greyhound Protection, based in the UK on 25th of June 2017. The charity’s aim is to help provide a safe environment in which greyhounds rescued from the Chinese meat trade can be cared for. Also, we repatriate them to the UK or Europe and find them loving homes. Greyhounds are exported from Ireland, the UK and Australia by breeders and owners to race in China and are kept in the most awful conditions

Many have already spent their entire life racing and should be allowed to retire in their old age. Instead, they are sent to a country which has NO ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS to race or breed.

Greyhounds are also sent to Shanghai Wildlife Park where, locals report, they are fed alive to big cats and other predators and forced to race against Cheetahs for entertainment.

When they have outlived their usefulness many end up in the meat trade to be beaten, hung, boiled or skinned alive.

Kerry felt the charity needed to be set up when it’s namesake ‘Candy’ was killed by another dog just the day before she was due to fly to the UK to be rehomed. Candy Cane can now ensure that rescued greyhounds in China can be kennelled with other greyhounds safely until they are well enough to travel.

We couldn’t make this happen without the brilliant and brave Chinese activists and rescues who we work hand in hand with. Candy Cane Rescue is an organisation of hope. Hope that one day the export of greyhounds and the meat trade of dogs will end.



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New intakes. A Momma and her babies.


We have this Momma and her babies ❤️❤️ The people loading the dogs are the slaughter house workers not the rescue team. Thank you to BoHe. Candy will fund the vet bills while the dogs are with BOHE. Soon as we have room we will bring them to Candy. Look at Momma hound trying to … Continued

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Snowy has a new chair!

Snowy has a new chair 💙💙💙 He is still a little unsure about it but he is getting used to it. His wounds have healed so Kerry will be bringing him back with her to the U.K in April ❤️❤️💜💜💙

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Dylan, Greyhound Hero!

This is 10 year old Dylan from Kent In the U.K. Dylan has done a Project at school about the export of racing greyhounds and greyhounds ending up in the Meat Trade in China. What a beautiful young man. Let’s hope when he grows up he won’t have to carry of fighting for these dogs … Continued

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Beautiful, Funny Borzoi

A photographer went to the boarding kennels to take some pics of our Borzoi ❤️ They all have rescue space, we are just waiting to fly them out of China. 

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