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Candy Cane is a non-profit registered charity( registered Charity Number 1179928) established by Kerry Elliman, founder of Greyhound Protection UK, on 25th of June 2017.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment in which greyhounds and other breeds rescued from China ( from the Chinese Meat Trade, strays, dogs used for breeding and dogs from Chinese underground racing tracks), and from other regions with no/poor welfare laws, can be cared for.

While our area of focus remains China, Candy Cane Rescue have rescued greyhounds and other breeds from the Vietnamese meat trade, from South Korea, galgos from Spain and hounds from Cyprus, Romania and Russia.

We also rescue ex-racing greyhounds that have been exported for breeding and racing from Ireland, Australia, and the UK.

Once the dogs are healthy and ready for travel, we find them loving homes in the UK, Italy, France and the USA.

Greyhounds are exported from Britain, Ireland and Australia by breeders and owners to race in China and are kept in the most awful conditions. The dogs we help are the unwanted offsprings of exported greyhounds which now flood the meat markets in China.

Many have already spent their entire life racing and should be allowed to retire in their old age. Instead, they are sent to countries which have NO ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS to race and breed.

Greyhounds are aslo sent to Shanghai Wildlife Park where, locals report, they are fed alive to big cats and other predators and forced to race against cheetahs for entertainment.

When they have outlived their usefulness many end up in the meat trade to be beaten, hung, boiled or skinned alive.

When Candy Cane Rescue’s namesake ‘Candy’ was killed by another dog in the rescue centre, just the day before she was due to fly to the UK to be homed, Kerry decided she needed to have more control over their recovery and care and established Candy Cane Rescue, which can now ensure that the dogs we rescue can be kennelled and care for safetly untill they are well enough to travel.

We could not make this happen without the brilliant and brave activists and the best amazing rescues we work hand in hand with.

Candy Cane Resue is and organisation of hope. Hope that one day the export of greyhounds and the meat trade of dogs will end.


Disclaimer: As a registered charity, Candy Cane Rescue depends entirely on donations from our supporters. In order to be clear, transparent and fair, we make the following statement: We will often add donate button to our posts. This does not mean that you have to donate. Some posts will be fundraising for a specific purpose, for example, the rescue of a specific dog. Other posts will be generic fundraising posts. All donations are used for the purpose of rescue, vet fees, boarding, food, travel and the day to day costs of running of the charity. Due to the nature of the work we do, sometimes we cannot give clear and specific information until dogs are safe. We keep full records of all donations made and all outgoings paid. Our accounts will be published annually in line with the Charity Commissions regulations. Your donation may go towards the purpose of a specific post we make or we may use the funds towards the other costs detailed above. Please ensure you understand and agree with this information before donating. Thank you.

Social Media Policy: We monitor our social media very closely, and our team regularly removes all inappropriate comments.



Understanding Meat Trade Dogs

Featured Candy Cane Charity Fundraising

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Incredibly Toby and I will attempt to ride up Horseshoe Pass a total 27 times (continuously) to equal the height of Mount Everest and reflect the mountain Candy Cane Rescue has set itself in raising £100,000 funds to build a shelter in China.

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Greyhound Reach the Beach

Join us for one of the East Coast’s largest sighthound gatherings, Greyhounds Reach the Beach (GRtB). At the time of this writing (December, 2019), the official GRtB dates and plans have not been released by the organizers. However, we expect the event to take place, as is tradition, Columbus Day weekend. We also expect Candy

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Great Global Greyhound Walk, Somerset, NJ

The date of the Great Global Greyhound Walk has been changed by the walk’s headquarters to Sunday, October 11, 2020. They made this change out of caution in this time of Covid-19. The NJ event will still take place in Somerset, NJ, but on the new date. If you’d like to organize a walk in

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5th Annual Fast cars, Fast Hounds Car Cruise

Save the date for our 5th annual car cruise. Our 2020 event will benefit greyhounds, and sometimes other dogs, saved from the China meat trade by Candy Cane Rescue (CCR). Once rehabilitated and able to travel, the dogs are transported to the USA and the UK for homing by rescue groups. Money raised from this

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Galga Faye

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Merlin the collie!

candy-logo Merlin the collie we rescued is doing great He is still receiving treatment at the vets but is a million times better than he was He will... more Read more >>