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Candy Cane Rescue was set up by Kerry Elliman, founder of Birmingham Greyhound Protection, based in the UK on 25th of June 2017. The non-profit registered charity’s aim is to help provide a safe environment in which greyhounds rescued from the Chinese meat trade can be cared for. Also, we send them to the UK, Europe or USA and find them loving homes. Greyhounds are exported from Britain, Ireland and Australia by breeders and owners to race in China and are kept in the most awful conditions. There is evidence that dogs are exported from the U.K. but we personally have yet to find a British tattooed greyhound in China. The dogs we help are the unwanted offspring of exported Greyhounds which now flood the meat markets of China.

Many have already spent their entire life racing and should be allowed to retire in their old age. Instead, they are sent to a country which has NO ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS to race or breed.

Greyhounds are also sent to Shanghai Wildlife Park where, locals report, they are fed alive to big cats and other predators and forced to race against Cheetahs for entertainment.

When they have outlived their usefulness many end up in the meat trade to be beaten, hung, boiled or skinned alive.

Kerry felt the organisation needed to be set up when it’s namesake ‘Candy’ was killed by another dog just the day before she was due to fly to the UK to be rehomed. Candy Cane can now ensure that rescued greyhounds in China can be kennelled with other greyhounds safely until they are well enough to travel.

We couldn’t make this happen without the brilliant and brave Chinese activists and rescues who we work hand in hand with. Candy Cane Rescue is an organisation of hope. Hope that one day the export of greyhounds and the meat trade of dogs will end.



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A few months ago we were made aware of a female greyhound in Inner Mongolia that had been thrown from a building by her owner. All four of her legs were broken and she had damage to her back. We wanted her pts but as she’s not a Candy Cane dog we had no control … Continued

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We Couldn’t Help These Poor Dogs 💔


Last week a Greyhound and other breeds were spotted in Xiangyang China being loaded on to a van to be taken to slaughter. 💔💔💔 We did everything we could to trace where the dogs were being taken and see if rescuers could help. We’ve since found out that this boy and all the others dogs … Continued

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Doe finds a happy home!

Doe, a Candy Cane dog who went to Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Center, has found her perfect home! Have a wonderful life Doe!

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Tammy & Thomas

Tammy the moo moo is very poorly with pneumonia, a broken front leg and she’s extremely thin and weak. Thomas is also very poorly and skinny. Their story is awful. In China there are some amazing rescuers but there’s also some awful people who use the dogs purely to get money. One woman was telling … Continued

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Magnolia Finds the Perfect Family

Magnolia went to Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption and through them she has found the perfect home, this sweet girl deserves nothing less! Here’s what her mom Emily has to say about their new addition: “Just a quick note to say that Magnolia (Maggie) is doing very well. She loves to sniff away in our fenced … Continued

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South Korea Family

Candy Cane Rescue were asked to help four greyhounds in South Korea last week. One adult female and her three female babies. All four dogs were at a dog farming place for the meat trade dogs 💔💔😢😢 The whole family were rescued a couple of days ago but the two white and brindle pups have … Continued

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