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Candy Cane Rescue was set up by Kerry Elliman, founder of Birmingham Greyhound Protection, based in the UK on 25th of June 2017. The non-profit registered charity’s aim is to help provide a safe environment in which greyhounds rescued from the Chinese meat trade can be cared for. Also, we send them to the UK, Europe or USA and find them loving homes. Greyhounds are exported from Britain, Ireland and Australia by breeders and owners to race in China and are kept in the most awful conditions. There is evidence that dogs are exported from the U.K. but we personally have yet to find a British tattooed greyhound in China. The dogs we help are the unwanted offspring of exported Greyhounds which now flood the meat markets of China.

Many have already spent their entire life racing and should be allowed to retire in their old age. Instead, they are sent to a country which has NO ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS to race or breed.

Greyhounds are also sent to Shanghai Wildlife Park where, locals report, they are fed alive to big cats and other predators and forced to race against Cheetahs for entertainment.

When they have outlived their usefulness many end up in the meat trade to be beaten, hung, boiled or skinned alive.

Kerry felt the organisation needed to be set up when it’s namesake ‘Candy’ was killed by another dog just the day before she was due to fly to the UK to be rehomed. Candy Cane can now ensure that rescued greyhounds in China can be kennelled with other greyhounds safely until they are well enough to travel.

We couldn’t make this happen without the brilliant and brave Chinese activists and rescues who we work hand in hand with. Candy Cane Rescue is an organisation of hope. Hope that one day the export of greyhounds and the meat trade of dogs will end.



Latest from Candy Cane Rescue News

Thank You Nicholas!

Huge thank you to Nicholas who ran the Frankfurt Marathon on 28th October for Candy Cane Rescue and finished in a time of 2:43:10. The total raised from sponsors was £1039.90 😁 A massive Thank You!!! to all of those who sponsored Nicholas via the JustGiving page……also to those from Capgemini and elsewhere who sponsored


Racing Dogs in Baicheng, China.


The amount of greyhounds needing rescue in China is massive. There is a never ending, relentless stream of dogs and we simply can’t help them all. Kerry has just been sent this video of racing dogs in Baicheng, China. Dog racing is illegal in China so they are raced on underground tracks. All of the


Bring Them Home!!!

It’s been one hell of a experience some good things but also some of the worst things Kerry has ever seen in her life. Kerry, Callum Deacy and Plush have all agreed a few things which need to improve so they will all be working together to make those changes possible. The most important thing


Changchun Meat Market

From Kerry “I can hand on heart say I have possibly had the worse day of my life within rescue today. We have been to a meat market and the noise and smell will stay with me for the rest of my life. 💔💔💔 There were kittens, puppies, adult dogs, rabbits, birds and fish. Pigs


Meat Market Motorbike Greyhounds

Kerry went to a meat market in China with Plush and saw two greyhounds tied to a motorbike who were made to run alongside it. The owner allowed them to buy the fawn girl but wanted too much money for the black one. After much haggling Kerry had totally given up hope and was totally


Slaughterhouse Rescue

Kerry has just been to a slaughter house 💔💔💔💔 She has taken the three greyhounds out now and is on route to the vets as two of them are really poorly. She also convinced the slaughterhouse workers to sell us a whippet along with all of the 29 other breeds who will be rescued tomorrow.